ISAR 2014

I've been a part of the American astrological community since about 2002 and I've received so much from my friends and mentors that by 2014 I was looking for a way to give something back. As luck would have it the International Society for Astrological Research, or ISAR, was hosting their conference in nearby Arizona that fall and gave me a great spot in the tradeshow to produce my first Synastic Snaps photobooth.

I rented some lights, bought a cheap backdrop, made up some glyph sticks and loaded up my car in LA to drove four hours to the conference. Honestly, I was terrified. I'd never used lights before and it all seemed a little overwhelming, but once I was set up all I had to do was lean back and enjoy the stories that emerged in front of my camera. As fun as astrologers are to talk to, it turns out they're just as fun to photograph!

My project of documenting the astrological community was born!

Best of ISAR 2014




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