NORWAC 2016 - Wonder Bright Photography


In 2016, two years after the debut of Synastic Snaps, I found myself living in Portland, Oregon, just a three hour drive from Seattle, where the Northwest Astrological Conference, or NORWAC is held. That was close enough to do the project again and fairly inexpensively, a big consideration when you're the one paying for it! So I contacted Laura Nalbandian, the organizer for the conference, and she found me the best space for it! Not in the trade show this time, but smack dab in the middle of the lobby and right next to the bar, so the booth became a social meeting point for the conference in a way a trade show just can't accommodate. I got way more pictures that weekend then I'd bargained for and it was glorious!

My favorite shots from the weekend.

Scroll down for the complete shots from all three days.

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