In 2016, two years after the debut of Synastic Snaps, I drove from Portland to Seattle to stage it again at the Northwest Astrological Conference, or NORWAC. NORWAC has been held annually for over thirty years now and it's many astrologer's favorite conference, largely due to the intimate community setting created by its beloved founder, Maggie Nalbandian, and carried through by her daughter and son, Laura and Gregory Nalbandian. I'd never been before, but I was thrilled when Laura found me the best space for the project! Not in the trade show this time, but smack dab in the middle of the lobby and right next to the bar, so the booth became a social meeting point for the conference in a way a trade show just can't accommodate.

I debuted my new glyph sticks with a font I made myself and got way more pictures that weekend then I'd bargained for. It was glorious! NORWAC truly lives up to its reputation and I fell even more in love with my community than I was before.

Best of NORWAC 2016


Saturday Part 1

Saturday Part 2


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