SAC Unbound - Wonder Bright Photography

SAC Unbound

Synastic Snaps debuted at the International Society for Astrological Research (or ISAR) conference in 2014. Driven by a need to document the community I love I talked the organizers into giving me some space at the trade show to set up the booth. I hand drew the glyphs onto hardboard and stuck them onto sticks with duck tape, bought a back drop and packed up my car with rented lights and drove to the hotel in Arizona to set up shop. I'd never used a lighting kit before and the weekend was full of trepidation, a few technological goofs, LOTS OF LAUGHS, and ultimately exultation.

Astrologers were not only deep thinkers and feelers, it turned out they were also just a ton of fun. 

My favorite shots from the weekend.

Scroll down for the complete shots from all three days.

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