UAC 2018 - Wonder Bright Photography

UAC 2018

The United Astrology Conference last week was my fourth time producing the Synastic Snaps Photo Booth and I think I may have made my best images yet! I'm so grateful to my sponsor, The Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN), for making this effort possible. The tireless work they do helping astrologers fight legal battles, educating us through their media watch program, and sponsoring astrologers to come to conferences inspires me and I'm honored they saw an opportunity to match their brand to mine. Please check them out at and consider becoming a member!


- Just drag and drop them to your desktop!

- Or click the "download" button (a downward arrow) in the upper right hand corner of the image

*PLEASE NOTE: You may order prints of any of the images directly from this website, I haven't added a surcharge for that, so the total payment goes directly to my hosting site. I hear the prints are very good!

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